After graduation

After graduation, students in this Course go on to work in a wide variety of fields, including health, medical and welfare institutions, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals companies, health administration consulting companies, other related businesses, and government organizations and hospital groups.

A considerable number of our graduates make use of their previous experiences and their studies in this Course to transition into fields that are completely different from where they started. Assisting students in building new careers is also one of the objectives of this Course.

Many students continue on to the doctor course to conduct advanced research or receive advanced practical training.

Alumni from this Course maintain and broaden their networks with regular study groups after graduation that enable them to interact with students from other years. We value networks that help people continue to stimulate and learn from each other throughout their lives, and encourage these networks to grow not only horizontally (among students of the same year), but also vertically and diagonally (among students from different years and different courses). This is one of the attractions of a two-year graduate program not found in one-year graduate schools.