Education and Research(master)

1 major, 3 courses

The focus of the Graduate School of Health Management is health, and its goal is to develop advanced, interdisciplinary areas of academic inquiry that span the entire range of health, medicine and welfare. Its curriculum therefore assumes that students come from both healthcare backgrounds such as nursing science, medicine and pharmacology, and from non-healthcare backgrounds such as social sciences, humanities and science and engineering.

More specifically, the "nursing, health care and sports management major" offers three Courses (described below), and provides opportunities for students with medical backgrounds to study the basic concepts of social sciences, and students with non-medical backgrounds to do the same in healthcare. Having mastered the basics, students study common analytical approaches that are crucial to health management, take classes in their Courses, and pursue their own research.

These three Courses share adjacent domains, and are combined into the nursing, health and sports management major so that students have the opportunity to achieve breadth in their domain while also developing their understanding of the whole. Research domains within the curriculum organically influence each other, and we offer an explicit system to flexibly link and explore new areas of academic inquiry.