Life stage care domain


Areas in the life stage care domain

  • Maternal nursing area
  • Pediatric nursing area
  • Geriatric care area (with CNS course)

Maternal nursing area

  1. This area trains leading practitioners, educators and researchers in the maternal nursing area.
  2. The focus is on research that brings broad analytical perspectives to the challenges faced in promoting maternal and child health, approaches to solving these issues, and evaluation of results.
  3. Many graduates have gone on to conduct research that provides the foundation for practice in the maternal nursing area, and research that supports practice in this domain. Ambitious students are always welcome.

Pediatric nursing area

The focus in the pediatric nursing area is to train quality researchers who are able to accurately grasp the structures and processes of phenomena encountered in the administration of nursing and communicate ways to put these new insights into practice. Students study the basic theory and research methodologies of pediatric nursing in seminar-style classes, using practice and discussions with other seminar students to deepen their understanding.

Geriatric nursing area

The geriatric nursing area offers both a master's thesis course and a CNS course. The master's thesis course encourages research that taps into the latent abilities and skills of the elderly to improve their quality of life.

The CNS course trains people at the forefront of improvements in the quality of geriatric nursing.

This area values the flexible thinking that is required to create mechanisms that involve the elderly, their family members, and relevant professionals to provide mutual assistance and support in the super-aging society.