The Graduate School of Health Management is an interdisciplinary institution to provide education and research opportunities for future leaders in a broad range of fields related to nursing, medicine and sports, with a focus on "health."

To this point, "health" has been thought of in dualistic terms, either "ill-being" or "well-being." Today, however, aging demographics and advances in medical technology mean that there are large numbers of people who live for long periods of their lives with chronic diseases and disabilities, something that does not necessarily fit the traditional conceptual framework. At the Graduate School of Health Management, we redefine the concept of "health" as a spectrum that encompasses the health status of the individual all the way from birth to death.

Under this new conceptualization, the question on health management becomes how to improve the quality of life (QOL) for those experiencing difficulties due to disease or advanced age, how to promote healthy living for those who suffer from disease even if it does not impede their ordinary activities, and how to enable both candidates for disease and healthy individuals to maintain and improve their health in enjoyable, meaningful free time activities.

The health environment in Japan is becoming more complex due to rapid declines in the birth rate, the aging of the population, changes in disease profiles, advances in medical technology, and increased public awareness of health. Addressing these increasingly diverse needs requires both the management of systems and organizations, and the management of individuals.

We go beyond the traditional intellectual framework and endeavor to train people who have the knowledge and skills to provide rational management that will contribute to public health in the areas of nursing, medicine and sports.