Master's Program

Every classes and all academic procedures including admission examinations are conducted only in Japanese. Click here for details.

Doctoral Program

Students can complete all requirements in English.

Application Guidebook for April 2019 Entry will be released in late August 2018.

Enrollment Period

Only in April.

Application Guidebook

You can confirm the outline of entrance examination, application process, and admission procedures along the time flow with this guidebook.

In order to prevent mistakes in their applications, applicants should carefully read this guidebook and the related material before preparing their applications.

- Application Guidebook for April 2018 Entry

Download Forms

- Application Form for April 2018 Entry

- Photo Sheet for April 2018 Entry

Acceptance from research supervisor

Applicants must discuss their research plans in detail with a graduate school committee member of the program they wish to participate in, and obtain that committee member's preliminary consent to become the applicant's research supervisor.

For the online registration, applicants are required to input the date when the supervisor accepted them.

You can search for professors' research fields by looking at Faculty List. For their contact information, please inquire with the Administration Office by email.

Application Schedule

- Application period (Web Entry): 10:00a.m. October 25 - 15:00p.m. October 31, 2017 (JST, UST+09)

- Examination date (Interview): November 26, 2017

- Announcement of results: November 30, 2017

Payment of Application Fee

Please refer to this page and Application Guidebook.

Academic Fees

Please click here.