Who are our students?

Our students do not just want to acquire professional knowledge and skills in health and disease management, they want to "serve society by developing the broad perspectives, insights and practical skills required to administer nursing, medicine and sports services" and "develop advanced, scientific management skills throughout the entire spectrum from disease to health."

For example, in the Course for Nursing, students develop, build and practice new approaches to nursing care, acquire advanced knowledge and skills, become creative practitioners, and develop into educators and researchers who are able to make use of rich, interdisciplinary knowledge and high levels of ethics to think beyond existing frameworks. The Certified Nurse Specialist Program provides additional training in the advanced practical skills required of Certified Nurse Specialists (CNS), with special focus on the three areas of geriatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and cancer nursing.

In the Course for Health Care Management, students study the basic structures of the health and welfare system, develop an understanding of the practical complexities involved when professionals with different areas of discretion work together, and learn how to coordinate and integrate quality, efficient and finally-tuned services that address the needs of individuals.

In the Course for Sports Management, students study the maintenance and improvement of individual and group health and the management of health and sports businesses, integrating these skills and insights to develop the ability to plan and implement services for healthy societies, promote sports culture, and develop the sports industry.